Friday, December 1, 2006

Module 1 - FTP Task

Well am I not the most happiest of people at the moment, wrote up my entry and guess what! MY COMPUTER CRASHED! Lost all my hard work, so not happy. SO. This will be a take 2. Wish me luck!!!

Ok with the FTP task I have used FilleZilla was told by hubby that it was good and FREE here is the link for all you people out there who are interested.

Here is what I did.... First had to great a profile for a ftp connection did this through the file|site manager, then I created a new site "curtin" and entered the host name of recall.curtin blah blah blah ... you know what I mean. Then I selected the port and server type as a default and selected the log on type as "anonymous" saved it and then exited out of site manager and then hit the connect button to connect to curtin in under 2 seconds!!! talk about quick!!!!

Anyhow then I look at the screen spoke a few words ... what the???!!! and then clicked ..yep it was all made up of files!! what a genius! (me that is LOL) then went to go and search for the README thingy..... found it in MSC folder... oh and just for the record it had .txt at the end of it ... (was that a trick??? lol) probably not... anyway opened the README file and found the missing text ... it was CAPITALIZATION ps it was spelt wrong .. so then I found this file happy with the outcome and then closed the session and that was that....

Reading this blog I make it sound so simple don't I??? well for someone that doesn't have any idea I can tell you ... OUCH so I am now going to do this trace thing .. and will let you all know how it goes. Till then .. OVER AND OUT.

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