Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Module 1 - Telnet task

Yeah!!! Telnet ... I remember using this years ago...!!

So here are my steps ... so proud so proud!

Went to the start menu and clicked on the run box either my computer was slow but geesh took forever to come up! Anyhow came up with "escape character is "CTRL + ]and then microsoft telnet> ..... yes ... I was there!!!

I then looked at the screen and started a conversation with my computer and yes .. it did not talk back! .. How rude!
So I took its suggestion and asked for help ?/ (enter)
Gave me a whole list of commands .. by this stage I was pretty chuffed with myself ... almost felt like a pro! then selected "o" to open a port (now Im talking the lingo) and then space and typed the then more questions some kind of screen thingy ... yes went back to our discussion board ... thank god for smart people.! went back to telnet and selected NCSA VT100 and would you believe it .... it loaded the library catalogue ...then I did my bit and went to search for Benna what's his name and then buggered up the email part....Kinda .. forgot to go to the print part but don't worry ... I figured it out!!

Anyhow to cut this Soapie short ... manage to get the email from the library to my student account ... what a champion huh? simple I know ..but hey's between you me and the world ..who is to know... stay tuned for my next episode

Tasks from Module 1 .... OVER AND OUT

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