Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm no longer a virgin blogger!!!

Yes you had better believe it!!!
I have no idea what I am doing but hey I think I am a natural!......
So I would like to think :OP

Well I now have my blog/dear diary/confession page and I am about to start my Module 1 for Net11...I have to say I am a little scared about this degree but I will stick to it!Determination has set in and thank god our tutor for this subject is not a stick in the mud .... (Hi Cynthia!!! *waves*)

People are really friendly in the discussion rooms and are really getting into it all but I am finding it a little strange to get back into the chat world after being out from it for so long. I am finding that I am talking to my and words are just staring back. I feel like what I am thinking is dumb,lost and not sure what is going on but I think that is more of me being a little nervous about this whole thing.

Anyhow I will be trying really hard to come up with some kind of intelligent talk or not and just stick to asking stuff.

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mejane said...

Hi Mascia, I'm a fellow NET11 student and just wanted to say hi. Good luck with the unit and have fun :)

Catch you around the forum,