Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Module 2 - Email Tasks

Ok ... First I have completed the tutorial .... handy tool that one .... gave me a couple of tips ..!

Now down to business ...

Question 1.

1. What information about a user's email, the origin of a message, and the path it took, can you glean from an email message?

ok .. for example if you go to Outlook, select a message that you have received, then right click and select options it will bring up a window telling you the path and details of where the message has come from.

Question 2.

2. In what cases would you find it useful to use the 'cc', 'bcc' and 'reply all functions of email?

You would use 'REPLY' to a message when you receive it from a person and then give a response to the received email. The 'CC' button allows you to send the same messages to how ever many emails you want at the same time. The 'BCC' button allows you to do the same as CC but hides all the emails address and when you are the recipient of a bcc email it looks like you are the only recepient and you will not be able to see the other emails.

Question 3.

3. In what ways can you ensure that an attachment you send will be easily opened by the receiver?

You can send it as a text file ... so that everyone can open it. There are other programs that are widely used, such as adobe acrobat (pdf) and most computers have microsoft word on their computers.

Question 4.

4. What sorts of filters or rules do you have set up, and for what purpose?

The filters I have in place would be to get rid of junk mail, not to allow large file through, block email addresses and moving emails into different folders.

Question 5.

5. How have you organised the folder structure of your email and why?

I have organised them by groups with tiles such as a persons name, university etc and then under those groups have added folders eg for the university group then curtin, monash etc then in that group the subjects studied at the university eg NET11. The reason for that is because if I am trying to find a particular piece of information I don't have to hunt around for it, I will know what folder it will be in therefore making it organised and so I don't waste time.

So this is the answers ... will be back with so much more info soon.... later this week that is .. I still have a life you know!!!! he he he he

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Module 1 - Traceroute task

Ok here is my ramble for traceroute
There are 23 Kangaroo Hops ... don't laugh .. this is the only way I am going to remember this! Ok from what I understand it has taken 246milliseconds for it to do its thing from the centralops site to the Curtin server and continuing on from here the ip address is

What have I learnt from this .... let's see if i get this right ... correct me if I am wrong though... Alright it has taken me 23 steps in 246 milliseconds to go from centralops land to Curtin Uni .... with Curtin address being Well tonight well be just a short note ... long day so I once again bid you farewell OVER AND OUT.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Module 1 - FTP Task

Well am I not the most happiest of people at the moment, wrote up my entry and guess what! MY COMPUTER CRASHED! Lost all my hard work, so not happy. SO. This will be a take 2. Wish me luck!!!

Ok with the FTP task I have used FilleZilla was told by hubby that it was good and FREE here is the link for all you people out there who are interested.

Here is what I did.... First had to great a profile for a ftp connection did this through the file|site manager, then I created a new site "curtin" and entered the host name of recall.curtin blah blah blah ... you know what I mean. Then I selected the port and server type as a default and selected the log on type as "anonymous" saved it and then exited out of site manager and then hit the connect button to connect to curtin in under 2 seconds!!! talk about quick!!!!

Anyhow then I look at the screen spoke a few words ... what the???!!! and then clicked ..yep it was all made up of files!! what a genius! (me that is LOL) then went to go and search for the README thingy..... found it in MSC folder... oh and just for the record it had .txt at the end of it ... (was that a trick??? lol) probably not... anyway opened the README file and found the missing text ... it was CAPITALIZATION ps it was spelt wrong .. so then I found this file happy with the outcome and then closed the session and that was that....

Reading this blog I make it sound so simple don't I??? well for someone that doesn't have any idea I can tell you ... OUCH so I am now going to do this trace thing .. and will let you all know how it goes. Till then .. OVER AND OUT.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Module 1 - Telnet task

Yeah!!! Telnet ... I remember using this years ago...!!

So here are my steps ... so proud so proud!

Went to the start menu and clicked on the run box either my computer was slow but geesh took forever to come up! Anyhow came up with "escape character is "CTRL + ]and then microsoft telnet> ..... yes ... I was there!!!

I then looked at the screen and started a conversation with my computer and yes .. it did not talk back! .. How rude!
So I took its suggestion and asked for help ?/ (enter)
Gave me a whole list of commands .. by this stage I was pretty chuffed with myself ... almost felt like a pro! then selected "o" to open a port (now Im talking the lingo) and then space and typed the then more questions some kind of screen thingy ... yes went back to our discussion board ... thank god for smart people.! went back to telnet and selected NCSA VT100 and would you believe it .... it loaded the library catalogue ...then I did my bit and went to search for Benna what's his name and then buggered up the email part....Kinda .. forgot to go to the print part but don't worry ... I figured it out!!

Anyhow to cut this Soapie short ... manage to get the email from the library to my student account ... what a champion huh? simple I know ..but hey's between you me and the world ..who is to know... stay tuned for my next episode

Tasks from Module 1 .... OVER AND OUT

Module 1 - The Readings

I have finished the readings in Module 1.

Yes well, lot's made sense, little confused around a couple of things but, by the talk that is going on in the discussion rooms, I'm glad I am not the only one. I want to ask questions but I think I might attempt the tasks first and then go on and share my knowledge, there are so many helpful people, pity I can't contribute in that sense yet.

But that is ok ....

Well have to go and try out the first task ... telnet ... .... OVER AND OUT.

I'm no longer a virgin blogger!!!

Yes you had better believe it!!!
I have no idea what I am doing but hey I think I am a natural!......
So I would like to think :OP

Well I now have my blog/dear diary/confession page and I am about to start my Module 1 for Net11...I have to say I am a little scared about this degree but I will stick to it!Determination has set in and thank god our tutor for this subject is not a stick in the mud .... (Hi Cynthia!!! *waves*)

People are really friendly in the discussion rooms and are really getting into it all but I am finding it a little strange to get back into the chat world after being out from it for so long. I am finding that I am talking to my and words are just staring back. I feel like what I am thinking is dumb,lost and not sure what is going on but I think that is more of me being a little nervous about this whole thing.

Anyhow I will be trying really hard to come up with some kind of intelligent talk or not and just stick to asking stuff.